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About Dr. McCoy

Colleen McCoy, D.C. started her practice in University of Sports. After becoming part of the team, her practice started to grow. Having that been said, she moved to a bigger location. Still providing the best service for the members of the community and all those at University of Sports. Dr. McCoy is an alumni of Margarite Hahn Elementary, Rohnert Park Junior High (now Mountain Shadows Middle School), Rancho Cotate High and Sonoma State University.
Through the years Dr. McCoy participated in community and school athletic programs, finishing her athletic career at Sonoma State University on the Track and Field Team and then cross-training the Sonoma County Piranha Swim Team out at the pool. She has years of experience guiding young athletes in injury prevention and healthy competition. Out on the track is where she decided to become a Chiropractor. A Chiropractor is a physician who understands that being an athlete is not something you do, but something you are. This philosophy is carried thoughout all aspects of life. When injuries encroach upon our daily routines it becomes easy to ignore the pain because stopping is not an option. Parents can not tell their children, "I can't hold you today, my back hurts." Just as an athlete can not tell themselves, "Take it easy today, you're hurt."
As an athlete, Dr. McCoy understands the biomechanics of the body and how important function is to restore health. As a mother, Dr. McCoy understands the importance of maintaining that health for the sake of her children.
Now that Dr. McCoy has opened her Chiropractic Center and Training Room she hopes to spread the word that "pain" doesn't have to get in the way of LIFE!
Dr. McCoy encourages people to contact her with any questions or comments they might have and to stop by to say hello!




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